David Henry – Band Director - Dalton High School

Mr. David Henry received his Bachelor of Science degree in education from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL. Mr. Henry taught instrumental music at the high school level for 15 years, including 3 years at Ringgold High School (1983-1986), and 1 year at Lowndes High School (1986-87), and 11 years as band director of Stockbridge High School (1987-98).  Under his direction, the Stockbridge band won several grand champion awards and one national level competition: The Festival of States, St. Petersburg Fl (1996).

Mr. Henry has also been active in Drum Corp International.  After marching with Spirit of Atlanta (1979, 1981), he began an instructional career with Southwind, providing drill design and marching instruction (1982), and serving as program coordinator (1983).  After a brief stint as a marching instructor with the Crossmen (1985), he eventually rejoined the Southwind staff, serving as staff consultant (1989-90), and brass caption head (1991-93).  Southwind won two DCI Division II titles during this time (1991, 1992).

Mr. Henry joined the staff at Spirit, serving as brass co-caption head (1994-96), and served as music arranger/program consultant for Court of Honor (2004).   He became the brass arranger for the CorpsVets drum and bugle corps in Atlanta (2005) and currently serves the CorpsVets as brass arranger/program coordinator (2007).

In 1998, David left the classroom to run his own successful consulting firm, Performance Plus Consulting, which provided a wide variety of services for drum and bugle corps, high school and college bands. These services included musical arrangements, drill design, and instructional clinics for marching, symphonic and jazz ensembles. In 2004 he returned to the classroom, accepting the band director position at his alma mater: Dalton High School.

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