Veteran's Day Parade

     Saturday, 11-10-18 @ 10:00 am


       Meet at First Baptist Church at 9:15 am for staging and warm up.

        You will be off the route by 11:00 am. 

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2018 Competition Schedule

Please sign up --->

Oct 27th Peach State, Rome


      HEY BAND! Revised schedule for 10/27:


      10:30a Rehearsal (Soccer field)
      12:00p Lunch and load truck
      (same schedule from here)

 LUNCH is provided.

        1:45 pm  Announcements

        2:00 pm  load buses

        2:20 pm  leave DHS

        4:00 pm  arrive and check in/ unload, dress

        5:05 pm  Warm up area

        6:00 pm  Perform

        6:10 pm  back to truck, load equipment and change

        7:00 pm  watch bands

        9:30 pm  awards

      10:30 pm  load buses

      12:00 am  Arrive DHS

      12:40 am  dismissed


   Volunteers DO NOT necessarily have the time; they have the heart !


   We are in need of volunteers for chaperones, concessions, home game

   activities, fundraising, competitions, spring banquet or helping with behind

   the scenes activities.  Please contact us if you can help in any way. 

If you need to contact the Band Board, please complete the form below.

   We will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your support.

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General Band Practice Schedule


Mon, Tues, Wed     4:00-6:00 pm

Thurs                       6:00-9:00 pm

   Nov 11th - Veteran's Day Parade 
   Nov 5th  - 11th Papa John's Fundraiser
        Please order and support our Band
  Dec  - Christmas Parade